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Cheating Boyfriend


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Need a guys perspective : Did my bf cheat? HELP? 

So I have no proof but just my gut. Because a yr ago we were going through a VERY rough patch we just had our baby and suddenly he was hanging out with a lot of people who drank did drugs. I would find text from a girl (girl #1) asking for a cigarette and when I saw her she acted really strange and didn't say hi to me. He said nothing ever happened. Then there was another girl (girl #2) he would get "stuff" from to smoke but he said that was it. But on New Years he talked about her for hours while he was drunk. Saying how sorry he felt for her even though he would leave me alone all day and night going straight from work to his friends. Alone to do everything by myself. He never felt sorry for me.

Months I meet him at a public place and girl #1 is there, literally tailing his a$$ following him everywhere then say "oh hi! didn't see you there how have you been?!" and he doesn't tell her to leave him alone or nothing.

Months later I see girl #2 "happening" to walk her dog by our house she lives in our neighborhood. But is that a coincidence?

my gut tells me something went on but I have no real proof. what do you think?

My Answer:

You said the key words. "I can feel it in my gut." That's is woman's intuition. It's there to guide us to let us know the things that we may be afraid to admit is going on. Anytime that another woman who is talking to your boyfriend gets around you and she will not even say "Hello" to you it's because she doesn't care to be your friend. Why doesn't she care to be your friend when it involves your man? Because more than likely she is fooling around with your man. The only reason why a woman feels uncomfortable around her "male friends" girlfriend is because she probably has an ulterior motive. It's a dead giveaway when she won't even look you in the eye either. People who lie have trouble looking other people in the eye, or either they are uncomfortable or it could be both. And it saddens me at how your own boyfriend didn't tell those girls to get away from him. Any man that respected and cared about you and your feelings would shoo away these women that he isn't involved with, and tell them that he is taken but the fact that he doesn't seem to mind tells me that he is walking around with a single mentality. You probably need to cut him off right now. The true test of seeing whether he even cares about you, are three things. Whether he respects you in your presence, whether he respects you when you're not around, and whether he respects you when you and other people are around in the same place. If he is acting this way towards you, then I can't imagine what kind of father he will probably be to your little one. Good luck to you.

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