Friday, January 3, 2014

How can I toughen up in life?



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How can I toughen up and not be so sensitive? 

My teacher told me that I need to toughen up and get thick skin... but I don't know how... I've never been tough. I've always been sensitive. I've always been a soft person. I don't know how to change.... I don't have thick skin... what do I do???? 
My Answer:
 It sounds like you have yet to tune into your defensive guarded side. I was just like you at one time in my life. I think your teacher meant well when they told you that you need to toughen up and grow some thick skin. I know that this sounds cliche' but life will present you some difficult folks who will only act like they care about you. I experienced times where people would try to take advantage of my kindness, because they would mistake it for weakness. I would say that you should consider preparing yourself to deal with the tough situations that may come up in the future. They will come up, so it's important to "desensitize" yourself early on. Start with the little things. If someone says something mean about you, then act like it doesn't matter about what they said. Act like you didn't even hear them. Eventually when you gravitate towards bigger obstacles, you will find that having tough skin feels quite great, but you have to also remember to balance it with showing your sensitive side too. When you learn the art of having tough skin, then it becomes rewarding to show your sensitive side because you can defend yourself if you need to.


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